Being 69: A Year in the Life of a Fun Old Lesbian – March 18, 2016

Dooney is sometimes a mystery to me. He’s a Yorkie, 12 years old, and weighs in at a whopping four pounds. Four! He has a profound personality but we weren’t aware of it until after Kelly’s bichon Camper died. It never occurred to anyone that Dooney was the alpha, but looking back, I have no doubt who was in charge.

Dooney is clear about his likes and dislikes: he loves to be with us, to ride in his pouch on my chest, to go for walks, to ride in the car, to have a bath, to sleep at the foot of the bed, to be fed by hand. (Okay, he’s spoiled and we’re trained!)

He’s not much for eating out of his dish or using his doggy door. He visibly sulks when he knows we’re leaving the house without him. He’s not affectionate in that he doesn’t cuddle very often, and he does’t lick or give kisses. In fact, if you put your hand near his mouth for a lick, you’re as likely to get bitten as not. But you will not get a ick.

I wouldn’t mind a little Dooney lick periodically.  Until yesterday the best I ever got from him was air kisses. Really! Air kisses. But yesterday, for the first time after these years, he licked my arm and my hand for a good long time. I stopped what I was doing and just experienced the moment with him.

I wanted to know why dogs lick, or don’t, so I flipped into research mode. I learned that dogs are born with the licking instinct which could signify subordination, exploration, or affection. If a dog doesn’t lick it’s likely because it was trained out of it. Perhaps someone in the dog’s early life was harsh with it. Kelly rescued Dooney when he was about a year old. Anything could have happened to him in that first year. In his own way, he’s very loving. He just isn’t a licker. One woman wrote that it’s a good thing her dog doesn’t lick. He won’t lick dirty people and get sick. The source she cited: her dog. Works for me!

I love this little guy, licking or not, and I know he loves Kelly and me. He just shows it in his own special, strange little non-licking ways.


On this day in LGBT history (from QUIST, Lavender Effect, Back2Stonewall, and/or Wikipedia. (If you are unsure about accuracy, please do your research and let me know. Thanks!)

1314 – The leader of the Knights Templar, Jaques de Molay, was found guilty of homosexuality and executed

1971- Idaho decriminalizes homosexual acts between consenting adults, but before the law can take effect, the legislature – under pressure from conservative and religious groups – reverses itself and votes to make them a felony again

1982 – Police raid a Washington, D.C. male escort service called “Friendly Models” and cart away more than a dozen boxes of business records, including the names and addresses of several hundred of the service’s clients

1996 – Muffin Spencer-Devlin is the first LPGA pro to come out.


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