Being 69: A Year in the Life of a Fun Old Lesbian – March 24, 2016

The other day I wrote about how sucky 2016 is looking. I have since reframed.

My sister Sherry died on January 3rd because it was time. Her brain cancer had progressed rapidly and she was deteriorating quickly. I miss her beyond measure but I know she’s with me every moment.

The cancer in my sister Barbra was found at an extremely early stage and the double mastectomy is exactly the right action under the circumstances. I’d do the same thing and I’m proud of her courage to move forward quickly.

Kelly and I will be married this year which is total joy! And today is ring day!!!

My granddaughter Callie graduates from high school and will start the University of South Florida Music School in the fall.

My niece Ellie is getting married to Gary in June in Chelan, Washington, which will be a fun trip for us. My son Erik will turn 40 during that celebration!

Kelly and I are going to a kd lang concert in Victoria, Canada, in June; a fishing and bear watching trip in Alaska in July; and Barbados and a Windstar cruise in the Caribbean in December.

I’m 69 years old and life is truly good! Thank you, Higher Power, for your unending gifts of love and life…


On this day in LGBT history (from QUIST, Lavender Effect, Back2Stonewall, and/or Wikipedia. (If you are unsure about accuracy, please do your research and let me know. Thanks!)

1794, France – Anacharsis Cloots, originally known as Jean-Baptiste du Val-de-Grâce, baron de Cloots ,was an orator and a New Atheist long before New Atheism was a thing. He was embroiled in revolutionary politics before being used as a scapegoat and guillotined by the same revolutionaries. Some of his oratory indicates that he was likely an outspoken ally of lesbians and gay men.

1971 – In defiance of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, a federal judge grants U.S. citizenship to a 24-year old gay man from Cuba, ruling that an applicant’s homosexuality cannot, in itself, bar a person from becoming a citizen

1986 – William Hurt wins the Best Actor Oscar for his role as an imprisoned homosexual window dresser in Kiss of the Spider Woman

1987 – ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) stages its first major political action in the financial heart of New York City to demand that the federal government stop dragging its feet on the approval of new drugs that might benefit people with AIDS. Seventeen protesters are arrested for obstructing traffic when they sit down in the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street.


I encourage you to write your stories. If you’d like to see your memoir and stories in print, let’s work together. I can help you self-publish your work. If this interests you, please see my website at

Write your story! Now is good!



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