Being 69: A Year in the Life of a Fun Old Lesbian – March 22, 2016

Cancer is haunting my family in 2016. My sister Sherry died of breast/brain cancer on January 3rd. My baby sister Barbra is having a double mastectomy soon, with a diagnosis of DCIS. Luckily, it’s staged as 0 so it’s caught extremely early. Her doctor suggested that with our family history, her best course of action is mastectomy. That’s good, and I’m glad it’s caught so early. It just sucks that it’s even an issue.

I’m still processing, but one thing’s for sure: I’m so incredibly grateful for my body and my health….


On this day in LGBT history (from QUIST, Lavender Effect, Back2Stonewall, and/or Wikipedia. (If you are unsure about accuracy, please do your research and let me know. Thanks!)

1972 – The Equal Rights Amendment, banning discrimination on the basis of sex, passes the U.S. Senate. Opponents of the amendment claim it will destroy the nuclear family, give broad civil rights to homosexuals, and even mandate unisex rest rooms in public.  Though by the end of 1972 twenty-two of the required thirty-eight states had ratified it, the ERA failed to receive the requisite number of ratifications before the final deadline mandated by Congress of June 30, 1982 expired, and so it was never adopted

1976 – New Jersey Superior Curt rules that transsexual people may marry based on the reassigned sex

2004 – In Oregon, the commissioners of Benton County decided not to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This reversal of an earlier vote was due to receiving a letter from state attorney general Hardy Myers on the matter. In place of same-sex marriage licenses, the commissioners decided to stop issuing any marriage licenses to anyone at all until the Oregon Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the discriminatory provisions of Oregon’s marriage laws.


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Write your story! Now is good!



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