Being 69: A Year in the Life of a Fun Old Lesbian – March 20, 2016

Today is my 69th birthday. I’m grateful for this day, for waking up healthy, for the love in my life, and for family and friends. I feel sadness, too, because it’s the first birthday since I was two years old that I won’t hear my sister Sherry’s voice. I’ll be with Kelly and Dooney and my son today and I’ll feel the love they so freely and openly share with me, and I’ll feel Sher, my guardian angel, on my shoulder…

I heard this tune on a television ad recently. It’s a perfect birthday song..

I’ve been a poor one and I’ve been a queen,
I’ve had my life and the world on a string,
I’ve traveled many roads and I’m so far from done.
I’ve made some wrong turns, I’ve made some mistakes,
I’ve broke some promises back in the day.
I have been hopeless and I’ve had my faith,
Some things I’ve lost and some things I have saved.
All of these moments showed me the way that I’ve gone.
Good to know, there’s so much to live for…
What a day to feel alive!

Day To Feel Alive
Jake Reese


On this day in LGBT history (from QUIST, Lavender Effect, Back2Stonewall, and/or Wikipedia. (If you are unsure about accuracy, please do your research and let me know. Thanks!)

1961 -The United States Supreme Court denies certiorari to Frank Kameny’s petition to review the legality of his firing by the United States Army’s Map Service in 1957, bringing his four-year legal battle to a close

1970 – Twenty-three year old David Bowie marries nineteen year old Mary Angela Barnett. A few years later, Bowie explains how they met, “Angela and I knew each other because we were both going out with the same man.”  Angie Bowie went on to a career in Hollywood, though the two divorced in 1980

1978 – The San Francisco Board of Supervisor passes what is described as “the most stringent gay rights law in the country.”  Only one of the eleven supervisors — Dan White — votes against the ordinance

1986 – After fourteen years, the New York City Council finally passes a gay rights ordinance with a vote of 21 to 14.  Mayor Ed Koch tells reporters, “The sky is not going to fall.  There isn’t going to be any dramatic change in the life of this city.”

1988 – M. Butterfly opens on Broadway. The play by David Henry Hwang is bout a civil servant attached to the French embassy in China who falls in love with a beautiful Chinese opera diva who is a “man masquerading as a woman.” They are together for twenty years until the truth is revealed. The civil servant is convicted of treason and imprisoned, then kills himself

1990 – Queer Nation formed in New York to eliminate homophobia and increase visibility of LGBT people

2004 – A lesbian minister in Bothell, Washington, is acquitted by a Methodist church jury of violating church rules.


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