Being 69: A Year in the Life of a Fun Old Lesbian – April 2, 2016

I wrote an e-letter to a friend who had asked me how I was doing. I actually had to think about it as opposed to giving her everyone’s pat “I’m fine” response. My friend lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here’s what I wrote:

Hi… I love your family photo! It was of her, her teenage son, the new girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s teenage daughter.) I hope the assholes in North Carolina aren’t screwing up your plans to be a lesbian! What on earth is going on there????

And the similar Mississippi law adds that women can’t wear pants! I think it’s time an LGBT army of lovers – well dressed, of course – mounts up and charges!

 All is well here, depending on one’s definition of well. 

 Kelly and I are truly doing well and moving forward with our plans to marry later this year, maybe Jan. 1 2017. We just don’t know yet and don’t need to. But we have some fun trips on the books (Barbados and a Windstar cruise, a kd lang concert in Victoria, Canada, my niece’s wedding in Chelan, WA, a fishing/bear watching trip to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, and a whale watching trip in the Sea of Cortez) and will add a Florida Keys bike ride as soon as adds it to their schedule. The funny thing is that our most cherished, fun place in the world is our home in Sequim, WA so I’m not sure why we travel so much other than we’re getting older and can still move around!

 My youngest sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer (stage O) and is having a double mastectomy later this month. Luckily it was caught much earlier that Sherry’s, and Sher’s was a far more aggressive type, but it all sucks.

 Mom turns 90 on Friday. We were planning a big soiree but since Sher died, Mom doesn’t want anything but immediate family. 

 Sher died…I can barely do those words. I’m still so raw, still can’t believe it. Barry and I have become very close and spend good time crying – and even laughing sometimes – together.

 I’m going to Florida for three weeks to housesit for Helen while she goes to Europe for her 78th birthday. The crazy thing is that I get three whole weeks without having to pack or unpack! And I’ll be able to see my daughter and my granddaughters.

 Granddaughter number two graduates from high school in June and was accepted into the School of Music at the University of South Florida. Mom and I are going to her graduation in St. Pete.

 Erik and Jenn and Cara and the boys are moving up north, the girls and boys to Portland and Erik to either Portland or Seattle, wherever he gets the best job offer, after he spends three weeks in Europe in September. So we’re all migrating to the Pacific Northwest where we’re still free (at least as free as possible in the US) as LGBT people.

 Kelly and I head for our home in Sequim in mid-May and will return in mid-Nov. I’m going to become a WA resident.

Take good care, and get out of NC if at all possible before they bring in the damned brownshirts to arrest the queers!

The one thing I forget to tell her was that my WWII is almost finished! One more round of self-editing and then it goes to readers for feedback. While they’re reading and feedbacking, I’m going to search for an editor who will take a WWII-avatar-historical novel-young adult fiction book. Kind of a niche….

I’m deeply grateful that I’m doing well! How are YOU doing?

Happy April!


On this day in LGBT history (from QUIST, Lavender Effect, Back2Stonewall, and/or Wikipedia. (If you are unsure about accuracy, please do your research and let me know. Thanks!)

Today in LGBT history: April 2

2005 – NAACP Chair, Julian Bond, states in a national speech that “gay rights are civil rights”

2013, Uruguay – Uruguay senate approves same-sex marriage by a vote of 23-8, becoming the fourteenth country in the world to legalize marriage equality.

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(Information from QUIST, Lavender Effect, Back2Stonewall, and/or Wikipedia. (If you are unsure about accuracy, please do the research and let me know. Thanks!)

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