Write Your Book in 2014!

Happy New Year! May THIS be the year your vision, your words, your book is written!

2013 was a wonderful year for me though the sadness of my father’s passing last January gave me an entirely new perspective on the gift of life. Perhaps that’s why the highs were even greater last year.

I had a book published in 2013, co-edited by my friend Dr. Alicia Chavez at the University of New Mexico. The book, Identity and Leadership: Informing Our Lives, Informing Our Practice, was published by NASPA press in Washington, DC. And I completed chapters which will appear in two books forthcoming in 2014.

Of course the super-highlight was my trip to SE Asia, with a first stop in Beijing so we could climb the Great Wall. Breathtaking beyond belief! Then on to Hanoi, Cambodia, and Saigon with Olivia Travel and AMAWaterways. I saw so many ways of life, so very different from mine. My meditation reading this morning was about visualizing peace. I used to visualize peace based on my understanding of life and the human condition as I understood it. How limited! I was able to see life lived in ways that I could never imagine or understand, and yet I met people who were happy, healthy, and loving though their experiences and mine are definitely not the same. After suspending judgment, as we on the tour were reminded to do, I allowed my mind to open… and to embrace. I now have a much broader understanding of the meaning of peace, and I visualize peace for all people in the myriad of ways in which we experience life all over the world.

File this under things you don’t usually hear in a cruise ship announcement system: If you happen to have extra Depends, please put them in a bag and leave them at the front desk so the requester may pick them up anonymously...

May 2014 bring you joy, love, peace, and a finished book!

Keep writing…