Why LGBT Writing Retreats?

I’ve written a number of books and articles over the years, all academic in nature. The hardest book I ever wrote was my memoir, The Purple Golf Cart. It was hard because I didn’t know where to start or what to include or even why I wanted to do it (besides people saying I should!). I attended a writing retreat several years ago and I also took some writing classes at UCLA where I worked. I discovered the power in writing with people who cared about each other’s work. With feedback and guidance and encouragement and support from my new workshop/retreat pals, I was able to finish my memoir and feel good about the results. This is what I want to help create for every LGBT person who has a burning desire to share their story. If we don’t write our history, it will be lost! Let’s do it together in the company of like-minded folks!

We have some great opportunities planned including retreats in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the beaches of Ventura, CA and Jacksonville, FL, the funky inspiration of Key West, as well as Palm Springs, Taos, NM, and Costa Rica.

Go to the website: www.purpledistinctions.com and check us out. Join us on FaceBook, too, at Purple Distinctions LGBT Writing Retreats: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1391233487767410/?bookmark_t=group

Then get ready to write!

Keep writing!